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Alert me when…

Tell stories and focus on what really matters. Just explain what you want to monitor.

GPT 4 VisionWe use the best AI to give you best in class results.
AutomaticGet automatic suggestions on what to track (coming soon).
Just typeExplain your need with text, our AI got you covered.
Sum upGet smart summary of what changed on the website.

Light or dark

Switch between light mode and dark mode to adapt to your environment.

Easy to use

Keep an eye on all your alerts in one place.

Choose the best trigger

Setup your alert as you wish. There is the trigger you need.

Setup your pageClick on something ? Custom cookies ? We got you covered.
Choose your frequencyEvery 5 minutes, daily, weekly, monthly, you choose.
Zone selectorWatch only what matters to you and nothing else.
Watch a specific elementSelect with your mouse the element you want to watch.
Text, you said ?Enter any keyword you want to be alerted about.
AI poweredExplain what you want to be alerted about, we will do the rest.

Be notified anywhere

Choose your favorite channels. Receive alerts where you want, and when you want.

Anywhere you wantEmail, SMS, Slack, Discord, Webhooks, you name it.
Your scheduleChoose hours and days you want to be notified (coming soon).
Discover the power of alerts
This includes:
Max 5 alerts
Max frequency: every hour
1 AI alert (max frequency: every day)
Most popular
Perfect for few recurring alerts
This includes:
Max 15 alerts
Max frequency: every hour
5 AI alerts (max frequency: every day)
Perfect for daily usage and intense monitoring
This includes:
Unlimited alerts
Max frequency: every 30 minutes
15 AI alerts (max frequency: every hour)
Slack, Discord notifications (soon)
Best for companies, with team features
This includes:
Unlimited AI alerts
Max frequency: every 5 minutes
Multiple users and teams
Custom proxies and integrations
SMS notifications
Dedicated infrastructure